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Rideau Lakes Aikido (Ten no Hikari AikikokaidoSchool of Aikido) is grounded in original teachings of the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, O'Sensei.  We study a variety of mind, body, spirit exercises and self-defense technique training. We practice Aikikokaido defensive martial art techniques; chinkon-kishin2 of Classical Aikido created by Professor John Stevens Sensei, 7th dan; Misogi3 including Misogi no Jo (Staff) and Misogi no Ken (Sword) created by Rinjiro Shirata Sensei, 10th dan; tanto (knife); Classical Aikido Kototama4; gratitude, calligraphy and Zen art, doka5 by Morihei Ueshiba, O'Sensei as well as something new, Amaterasu Art6.   

We focus on harmony while exploring the diamond, willow, flowing, air forms within Aikikokaido techniques.

Many thanks to Morihei Ueshiba, O'Sensei (Founder of Aikido); Rinjiro Shirata Sensei and Professor John Stevens Sensei for protecting and leading the way as well as for teaching Aikido all over the world with harmony, clarity and Light.

Masakatsu Agatsu Katsuhayabi!​
"True victory is self-victory, victory right here, right now!"

1.  Ten no Hikari Aikikokaido - The Light of Heaven's Path of Harmony, Clarity and Light.
2.  Chinkon Kishin - Settling the spirit and meditation
3.  Misogi - Purification.  Like a baptism every day.
4.  Kototama - Literal translation is word soul.  Ancient Japanese practice using sound to help facilitate Harmony, Clarity and Light.
5.  Doka - Songs of the Way. Poems of a Master which have several layers of meaning that will unfold through sincere study & practice in the fullness of time. 
5.  Amaterasu Art - Art the Universe creates.


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In Aikikokaido we blend in a circular and flowing motion with attackers in order to harness their energy and unbalance them. They are then controlled with joint locks, pins and throws. Participants are taught how to safely fall from a throw.

We welcome people interested in studying and practicing along with us.

Head ​Instructor:  Janice Walter (15 years of daily practice).

Janice first began Aikido in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  After that first dojo closed, Janice taught Aikido at the Y in Kingston together with some of the remaining senior teachers for about a year until that dojo also closed.  Then in 2006 with the support of her Kingston teachers and friends and then later on with the ongoing support of Professor Stevens, Janice began teaching Aikido in her home town of Rideau Lakes Township.  Over time this developed through regular meditation, gratitude, misogi and kototama practice into Ten no Hikari Aikikokaido.

Like O'Sensei, Shirata Sensei, and Professor Stevens Sensei before her, Janice teaches that Aikikokaido is Light.  Janice also teaches that God is Light.  

The 7 pleats of the hakamas (black pleated pants) stand for:

Yuki - Courage, valour, bravery
Jin - Humility, charity, benevolence
Gi - Justice, righteousness, integrity
Rei - Etiquette, courtesy, civility, respect
Makoto - Sincerity, honesty, reality
Chugi - Loyalty, fidelity, devotion
Meiyo- Honour, dignity, prestige​

Morihei Ueshiba, O'Sensei (1883 - 1969) was the Founder of Aikido. He taught nonviolence, the study of nature and that the Universe is our greatest teacher, our greatest friend.  O'Sensei said Aikido is a martial art of Love.

Rinjiro Shirata Sensei, 10th dan (1912 - 1993)  Shirata Sensei was a direct student of the Founder of Aikido from the age of 19, and he practiced and studied Aikido for 60 years.  Shirata Sensei was director of the All-Japan Aikido Federation for a number of years, and he created misogi no jo and misogi no ken that form an integral part of our Aikikokaido practice from his study of the movements of the Founder. Rinjiro Shirata Sensei maintained Aikido is a Path of Light.

Professor John Stevens Sensei, 7th dan (Aikido) (1947 - )  Professor Stevens is an Aikido Shihan (teacher of teachers) who has studied and taught Aikido all over the world. His Aikido teacher was Rinjiro Shirata Sensei. Professor Stevens Sensei created Classical Aikido and teaches Sacred calligraphy, Classical Aikido Kototama and the breath of life which also all form integral parts of our practice.

Professor John Stevens Sensei forged his practice by studying Aikido in Japan for 35 years as well as many different forms of Japanese Zen. 

An independent scholar, Professor Stevens has translated, authored and collaborated on a vast number of books on Japanese and Asian culture. He is also an authenticator, curator and respected authority around the world on Zen Art.

John maintains that Aikido is Light. He continues to teach us through his literary and artistic works and his life by example.
O'Sensei and Shirata Sensei pictured on the cover of Aikido:  The Way of Harmony by John Stevens under the direction of Shirata Rinjiro. The calligraphy on the right  reads Aiki O'Kami, (Great Spirit of Aiki).
Inner Peace & Harmony
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 Aikido techniques.
"The Universe is our greatest teacher, our greatest friend. It is always teaching us the Art of Peace."  

  Morihei Ueshiba, O'Sensei
  The Founder of Aikido

The Universe Is Our Greatest Teacher

Diligent Practice
Your Own Devoted Practice
A Prayer For World Peace
"Shirata Sensei once told this tale: A young warrior visited a yamabushi who was rumored to possess the "Sword of Invincibility." The warrior begged the yamabushi to reveal the secret of the sword, and the wizard agreed, but only under the following conditions: "You must lead a chaste and frugal life, meditate for several hours each day, recite the special chants I give you, and train in the techniques I show you. Do this for twenty years, and I will reveal the secret of the sword." The intent warrior faithfully fulfilled his pledge and returned twenty years later. As promised, the wizard produced the magic sword. The warrior took it in his hands, held it a few minutes, and then gave it back--he no longer needed to rely on such a weapon."
The Secrets of Aikido
By John Stevens
 Faithful Loving Couple
By Amaterasu
Rideau Lakes
  Aikido From A Flowing Zen Perspective...