Aikikokaido Classes:

In Aikido, a person practices keeping one point, or moving from the hara, by relaxing, thinking and moving with their weight to the underside, and by putting their mind 2-3" below their navel.

"The primary training in Aikido is to first settle down in your hara before you start...
Being settled, centered."

"Taka a ma hara from Japanese kototama theory means Heaven is in your Hara."
John Stevens
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Interview with Bronwen & Frans Stiene

 For safety reasons, remaining centered
being familiar with and adhering to dojo etiquette
are requirements of being able to attend class and practice on the mat.


We are a family-oriented program that meets on:

Monday Nights      7:30 - 9:00 p.m.  General practice (Ages 13+)
Thursday Nights    7:30 - 9:00 p.m.  General practice (Ages 13+)

Fees: Trial membership is on a class by class basis at a rate of $5.65/ per class for the first four classes.  Beginner membership then continues month by month, with a fee of $18.36/month.   After 6th kyu, four month, one-day week membership is $56.50 per person to a maximum of $101.70 a family.  Four month, two-day week membership is $73.45 per person to a  maximum of $135.60 a family.  Six month membership is $107.35 per person to a maximum of $197.75 a family.   All prices include 13% HST.

Minimum age requirement is 13. 

Classes are held at the Elgin Municipal Complex in the Elgin Community Hall as well as at a variety of other outdoor locations.  Everyone is welcome, but our location varies and our doors are locked, so please contact us ahead of time.  Wear comfortable clothing and bare feet.  

The Rideau Lakes Aikikokaido system has a complete curriculum of belt levels. All participants wear white belts, or as they progress - white belts and hakamas (black pleated pants) - regardless of rank.  

How to Register:  Please contact Janice to begin classes or for further information.

Rideau Lakes Aikikokaido is a continuous Township of Rideau Lakes recreation program.   

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