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2016 Camp
​10th Anniversary
2016 10th Anniversary Class

In 2016, we didn't have our usual photographers with us again this year, and we completely FORGOT to take pictures! 

That is until everything was cleaned up and Dave and I were on our way out the door.  Here he is laughing at the fact that we forgot and holding up 10 fingers for 10 years of Aikikokaido with the Township of Rideau Lakes.   Thank you to the Township and Sue Dunfield for all of their wonderful support over the years!!

This year, we started out the day with our standard Misogi no jo and Misogi no ken at dawn, followed by meditation and morning sunrise on the lake.  Our group ate pancakes and veggie sausages before hiking to a nearby park for calligraphy class and Misogi no jo and Misogi no ken.  

Afterwards, we went back to the dojo for lunch amidst calligraphy hanging in the dojo by Professor John Stevens, 7th dan, followed by afternoon class at the dojo.

In lieu of our 10th anniversary Summer Camp photographs, here are some pictures over the years.  Thank you to all the friends who have visited and taught and traveled to and practiced with us.   Approximately 1,000 Aikido classes were held at Rideau Lakes Aikikokaido during the last 10 years.   If you click on the picture, it will take you to the page for that year/event.   Thank you to our anonymous photographers who have been taking our pictures since 2007, including many of these.
May 2008
Autumn 2008
2007 Rideau Lakes
Winter 2008
2006 Rideau Lakes
10 Years of Rideau Lakes Aikikokaido!! :)
Check out our 10+ years worth of pictures below!
2008 Cambridge
Rideau Lakes
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